1. There shall be an Annual General Body Meeting held once a year between 30th June & 1st October unless the dates are specifically waived at a previous General Body Meeting. Presentation of the Annual Accounts and election to Executive Council shall be held at this meeting.
  2. The agenda for a General Body Meeting shall be determined by the Council in conformity with the Rules & Regulations and shall include any matter deferred at the last General Body Meeting.
  3. Participation: Honorary Members and Associates may participate in the General deliberations, or in deliberations on specific matters concerning them with the approval of the Council.
  4. They shall however withdraw when matters dealing with finances, accounts, election and admission to members are being deliberated, or at any time on the request of the presiding authority.
  5. Quorum for General Body Meeting shall be 20 members. If no quorum is present within 15 minutes of the time announced for the meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned for 1/2 hour and held at the same venue thereafter whether the quorum is present or not.
  6. Any Member of the APSI wishes to move a formal resolution (other than the resolution recommended by the Council) shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary, and shall submit a copy of such resolution at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.
  7. An Extraordinary General Body Meeting shall be convened by the Secretary, on a decision of the Councilor on the requisition of atleast 15 members, preferably to coincide with one of the conferences. However under exceptional circumstances such a meeting can be convened at any time with a fortnight's notice to all 'Members'. Such a meeting shall transact only the item on the AGENDA. In case of a Requisitioned meeting, if the number of members present does not exceed the joint strength of the Council and the requisitions the meeting shall stand dissolved.
  8. Every General Body Meeting whether Annual, Ordinary or Extraordinary shall be called by atleast 14 days notice in writing. The notice shall specify the date, place and time of the meeting and in the case of Extraordinary General Body Meeting the specific nature of the business.