1. The journal of the APSI shall be known as "The Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery",
  2. The editorial board shall consist of (1) Editor (who shall be a member of the council), (2) An Assistant Editor, (3) Business Secretary & Publisher, (4) Two Members.
  3. The Members of the Editorial board shall be elected by the General Body at its Annual General Body Meeting, shall hold office for 3 Years and shall be eligible for re-election.
  4. The financial year of the Journal shall be the same as that of the APSI and it shall be the responsibility of the Business Secretary to complete accounts in time so that the Editorial Board represented by the Hon. Editor can present this to the Council and the General Body at the time of the Annual General Body Meeting.
  5. The subscription of the journal would be fixed by the General Body as also any direct financial support towards the cost of publication.
  6. The Editor and the Editorial Board at their discretion may appoint co-editors from among the Members of the APSI to help them in their editorial duties. Such co-editors shall hold office only at the discretion of the Editor.