Conference Related

  • Prof. Sunderaraian National Plastic Surgery Educational Fund
  • Started with a sum of Rs 1 lakh transferred from savings of APSICON 93, at Bangalore by Dr. K.S. Sekhar.

    Income from corpus to be utilised to conduct a week long workshop ( 5-7 days) and technical programme once a year. The programme shall be independent of the conference and shall be held during the summer. Dr. B.A.  Anantharam, organising secretary of APSICON '93 to be the convenor of this workshop for first three years. The Executive Committee may nominate a local member of APSI as joint convenor and another three members as of APSI as members of the Programme Committee. The Organising committee would raise further funds as necessary. Any surplus after the conduct of the workshop would be added to the corpus of this fund. The Organising Committee would be given the prerogative to conduct the programme in a satisfactory manner under the guidance of Executive Council of APSI. If any other organisation conducts a similar programme the committee may be permitted to collaborate in a joint programme.

  • Promotion of Scientific Activities ( Plastic Surgery) at Bombay Fund
  • Started from the savings of Rs 1,79,364/- transferred from APSICON '92, held in Mumbai by Dr. Narendra Pandya.

    To be utilised to organise guest lectures, orations, symposia or any other scientific activity at Mumbai to spread the knowledge of Plastic Surgery.

  • Promotion of Scientific and Educational Programs of Maharashtra Chapter of APSI
  • Corpus of Rs l,50,000/- created from the savings of APSICON 99 held at Goa by President Dr. S.R. Tambwekar.

  • Fund from IXth IPRAS Corpus
  • Funds are available to the President of the year from the corpus created from the savings of the IXth IPRAS Congress in 1987. They are available for various activities which are not revenue expenditures. Application to be made to Dr. Suresh Gupta, Convenor of the fund.