Dr. Subramania Iyer
President APSI, Dr. Subramania Iyer

It is great privilege to greet you a members of the APSI on behalf of the new team that has been chosen to work on behalf of you for the coming year. APSI has been always a model organisation to the rest of the country's professional societies in its democratic functioning, structured administration as well as the academic and professional activities. Plastic surgery being most unique with its domains intermingling and overlapping with numerous other specialities , both surgical and medical, is always in the cynosure of the professional community. Apart from this the general public is fascinated with our professional work than that of any others. Fortunately with the mature and collective leadership mentored by the senior colleagues through the APSI trust and the past presidents forum APSI has been able to move ahead with times to make the association robust, healthy and worthy of representing the aspirations of Plastic surgeons of India.. We have always tried to move ahead embracing new ideas but at the same time maintain the traditions. Aberrations occurring occasionally, this are bound to happen in any such large association. But with prudent and mature actions we have come out as a well knit family. Our journal has been showing rapid strides in its acceptability and readership, The efforts in kindling the fire of research activities in plastic surgery in the country has been to some extent successful through the APSI research awards. The humanitarian activities have started to get more organised through the celebration of Plastic surgery day. But lot needs to be done in the coming years, The myths about plastic surgery being surgery of the elite or being superfluous or non essential has to be removed. The encroachment on the plastic surgery domains by other specialties need to be checked. The antagonism between sister specialities having overlapping interests with plastic surgeons need to be replaced by developing more team work. The role of plastic surgery in primary trauma care has to be established.

This year we are hopeful to revamp our website to make it equivalent to the global standards. We are starting discussions on making a vision statement for next decade for the association prepared so that continued efforts can be made on pressing needs and outcome can be more sustained. We need to develop more structured subspecialty fellowship posts. The national curriculum prepared should be made mandatorily practised by all universities. The necessity of all plastic surgery especially aesthetic surgery procedures to be exclusively in the domain of qualified plastic surgeons need to be taken up with the new National medical commission. Our team will try to work sincerely this year to achieve these goals to the extent that is possible. Preparations are in full swing to make the next APSICON to be held in Kochi a memorable one wishing you all the best for the New Year

Dr. Subramania Iyer
President, APSI