There are a few common problems encountered in the genitourinary region

1) Hypospadias : It is abnormal location of urethral opening, seen at birth.

It can be of varying severity depending on whether the meatus is near the tip or at the base of penis. There is varying degrees of curvature in the area of shaft of penis. There are a variety of operative procedures to treat this congenital problem. It is mandatory to have atleast 6 months interval between two stages. Some cases can be dealt with in a single stage too.

2) Vaginal absence : By birth the vagina is absent & the internal organs – uterus & cervix may be absent or ill developed. Plastic surgical techniques are employed to reconstruct vagina. The mould is to be worn continuously for atleast 6 months to prevent any contracture of the vagina. This is only for contact & motherhood is by adoption.

3) Contouring procedures for labia majora&minora can be customized. The hymenoplasty is also possible with plastic surgical techniques. Vaginal tightening procedures in cases of lax vagina can be performed.

4) Post-delivery recto-vaginal fistulas with anal incontinence : This is a very disturbing condition & can be tackled successfully by reconstruction of anal sphincter, repair of fistula &using a muscle from thigh to augment the anal continence.