The Council at its discretion and on such terms as it deems fit shall affiliate other associations who share any or all objectives of the APSI.


  1. The Council can grant the status of Regional Chapter to any group or groups of the Members (all categories) who constitute themselves into regional body provided that all members of such groups are Members of APSI( all categories included).
  2. The Objectives of the Regional Chapter shall be similar to those of APSI, and not in conflict with them.
  3. The classification of membership of the Regional Chapters shall be in conformity with the Article 1 of this Constitution.
  4. The Scientific meeting of all Regional Chapters shall be open to all Members (all categories included) of APSI.
  5. A nominee of the Regional Chapter (President, Secretary or any office bearer) shall be an ex-officio member of the Council without voting rights;
  6. A Regional Chapter once constituted shall continue as such until a notice in writing shall have been sent:
    1. By the APSI to the Secretary of the Branch, or
    2. By the Branch to the Honorary Secretary of the APSI,
    3. Terminating its association with the APSI. Such notice, shall in either case, be sent by prepaid registered post and shall not be sent on behalf of the APSI unless sanctioned by General Body Meeting of the APSI.
  7. No society on becoming a Branch or an associate or affiliated society or recognised as a Regional Chapter by the APSI or any member thereof shall have or acquired any interest in the funds or other assets of the APSI.