1. Guide the activities of the APSI towards the fulfillment of its objectives and ensure the observance of these Rules & Regulations.
  2. Chair all meetings of the Council and the General Body (in the absence of the President this power shall rest in the Vice-president and should the Vice-President too, be absent it shall vest in any member of the Council elected to the chair for this specific meeting).
  3. Represent the APSI singly or in such groups as may be decided by the Council for any activity connected with the objectives of the APSI.
  4. Carry out all other activities usually associated with that office.
  5. Authorise taking of Council decision by circular resolution and
  6. Have the privilege of organising the National Conference.

B. The Vice-President Shall :

  1. Be a member of the Council and shall carry out such duties as may be assigned by the President.
  2. In the absence of the President carry out all the duties connected with that office.
  3. Carry out all activities usually associated with his office.

C. The Honorary Secretary shall :

  1. Maintain the minutes of the Council and the General Body Meeting.
  2. Execute the decisions of the Council and the General Body.
  3. Carry out all other duties as are usually associated with his office.

D. The Honorary Treasurer shall :

Maintain accounts, receive subscriptions, pay the bills and present the accounts annually to the Council and to the Annual General Meeting.

E. The Honorary Editor shall :

  1. Conduct all the editorial activities of the Journal.
  2. Exercise co-ordination and control of the editorial committee as defined in Article VI of these Rules & Regulations.
  3. Present annually the accounts of the Journal to the Council and the Annual General Body Meeting.
  4. Carry out such functions as are generally associated with his office.